7 Ways An Experienced PT Can Fix Your Ongoing Hip, Knee & Lower Back Pain

7 Ways An Experienced PT Can Fix Your Ongoing Hip, Knee & Lower Back Pain

Do you have hip, knee or lower back pain that affects you every day?  

Does it interfere with your daily activities like exercise or even just walking?

Maybe you’ve even seen a Physiotherapist, but aren’t doing the exercises & stretches they prescribed.

Living in pain every day sucks!

I know, because I lived with hip pain (an impingement) for years.. until I healed my pain using exercise after becoming a Personal Trainer.

It might take weeks, months or even years.. so it’s not a quick fix solution.

But I avoided steroid injections & surgery.. two quick fix options health professionals had suggested which may even make the problem worse.

Imagine living pain free without needing painkillers, steroid injections, physiotherapy visits or surgery.

I did it & with patience, determination & a bit of help.. you can too!

How Shalani Lost 15lbs & Got Her Confidence Back In 14 Weeks

How Shalani Lost 15lbs & Got Her Confidence Back In 14 Weeks

I have tried many diet programs but nothing worked out for me.

However, Tanya’s Ultimate Me programme attracted me because she was so motivating and wanted her clients to feel good about themselves by not only motivating them to lose weight, but to make them appreciate themselves more.

How To Find Your Motivation & Strengthen Your Booty At The Same Time

How to find your motivation AND strengthen your booty AT THE SAME TIME without ending up overwhelmed or needing more time in the day.

Plus WHY most women fail at getting & staying on track and what you need to do instead.

There comes a time in a women's life where:

  1. Her motivation goes missing
  2. Her bum needs lifting
  3. She starts getting pains in her knees, hips &/or lower back

Let's discuss #1.. 

A lack of motivation seems to be a HUGE problem for A LOT of women right now.

The thing is.. most women fail to get & stay on track for the same reason most people fail to stick to their New Years Resolutions..

They try to do everything & change everything at the same time!

  • Cut out carbs.. check
  • Start latest diet fad.. check
  • Workout every day.. check
  • Drink more water.. check
  • Stretch more.. check
  • Cut out alcohol.. check
  • Cut out sugar.. check
  • Count every single calorie.. check
  • Go to sleep earlier.. check
  • Wake up earlier.. check
  • Watch less TV
  • Start a new hobby

They are literally trying to spin 10 plates before they even learn how to spin 1..

THAT is why they might spin for a short time, but then they all come crashing down.. and then spinning plates becomes IMPOSSIBLE or TOO HARD in their mind.

The other problem is that people expect motivation to just come, wake up one day & appear like magic.

So how do you find your motivation?



Okay, let's move on to #2.

Who doesn't want a strong, perky, lifted bum? Especially as the effects of gravity & muscle loss start to take effect after 28 ish.

Enough said.

Moving onto #3..

Those pains that start to appear in the knees, hips & lower back either on their own or by an unfortunate injury.. guess the main reason why they start to creep up?

LAZY ARSE GLUTES (aka bum muscles)

That's right, your arse is LITERALLY lazy.

The glutes are some of the strongest muscles in the body & they are also the laziest therefore some of the weakest.

Lazy or weak butt muscles are usually caused by:

  • Sitting down too much due to our sedentary & convenient modern lifestyle
  • Not activating them properly before a workout
  • Not using them correctly during a workout

I train with weights A LOT, so you probably think I'm strong, fit & pain free.

Well if you thought that, you'd be wrong!

I have a hip impingement.. (which thankfully is MUCH better now due to focusing on strengthening & using my glutes properly)

But this was the result of years of squatting with NOT activating my glutes & NOT using them properly during the movement.

The good news??

You DON'T need to train with heavy weights or intimidating equipment to strengthen your booty & fix or prevent knee, hip or back pains.

I fixed my hip pains by using small, glute focused, bodyweight exercises..

The exact exercises I've put into this 31 Day Strong & Bootyful Motivation Challenge to not only help you fix or prevent pains but also help you build momentum to find your motivation.

Motivation AND a stronger booty in 31 days!

Two birds one stone.. sounds good right?

To start the Strong & Bootyful Motivation Challenge simply enter your name & email in the form below.

You'll be sent straight to the challenge calendar which includes full instructions & exercise videos.. remember to save the PDF document before closing the window ;-)

Remember.. you MUST build MOMENTUM to find your MOTIVATION.

Which means, taking action every day is key. This can be difficult to do without ACCOUNTABILITY.

So get a friend involved, post your intentions on social media, make your goals public.. do whatever you have to do.

Just don't be the person who says they want to be motivated or to have a nice, strong bum but then do NOTHING!


If you post on Instagram or Facebook, please TAG me @TanyaNFitness & use the hashtag #BootyGame Strong.. so I can hold you accountable & keep an eye on your progress.


Coach T :-)

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  • Challenge Calendar so you can cross off the days
  • Full instructions
  • Links to videos for each exercise to make sure you're doing them properly 
31 day motivation challenge



How Helen Dropped A Dress Size & 4 Inches From Her Waist

Helen didn't think my transformation programme was any different to the others

She's a self confessed fad & yo-yo dieter & now after The Ultimate Me programme..

  • She's down a dress sizes
  • She's lost 4 inches from her waist
  • Is digging out clothes from her wardrobe she hasn't been able to wear before
  • She's regaining her confidence
  • Her husband says she's melting away


Don't take my word for it.. here's what Helen had to say..

>> How did you feel before you started this body transformation?

I felt sick of doing fad diets and losing weight then gaining it all back plus more, going from one restrictive diet to the next.

The thought of clothes shopping filled me with dread and I just felt like this was my one chance to change once and for all.

>> How do you feel now and what results have you achieved? (Body, fitness, diet, lifestyle, confidence, energy etc)

I have learnt so much from Tanya's programme. There is no magic pills or strange foods it's a simple numbers game.

I still have a way to go but I now have all the information I need to continue my weight loss journey.

Tanya has tought me not to be so hard on myself as life happens but with little tips and techniques you can still make good choices.

I am fitter and have started lifting heavier which is a real achievement and you don't have to spend hours in the gym to improve your fitness.

>> What parts of the programme did you enjoy most or gain the most benefit from?

I particularly enjoyed the mindset training that Tanya did on a regular basis. It really gets you thinking about why you want to lose weight and how you can set achievable goals for yourself.

>> Please add your personal testimonial here

Tanya has given me so much knowledge so that I am able to continue on my weight loss journey with confidence.

The support you receive from Tanya on a personal level is invaluable and she really is passionate about helping women achieve their goals.

The sisterhood she has created is fabulous and all the ladies on the vip facebook group are so supportive of each other.

Although I have reached the end of the programme this is really just the beginning and I am excited to see what I can achieve before the year it out. Thank you Tanya.


Would you like to achieve amazing results like Helen??

Tanya x

4 tips for choosing better fast food options

4 tips for choosing better fast food options

You know planning and preparing your own food is better for your health, wellness and waistline but sometimes you just run out of hours in the day or you come home exhausted and the last thing you want to do is cook.

Enter fast food.

Fast food gets a bad reputation but these days it's A LOT easier to find healthy, nutritious options on the go that won't pile on the pounds or drain your energy levels.

How To Survive Social Events With Food & Booze

How To Survive Social Events With Food & Booze

If you're not careful, the excess calories can build up quickly and you know what that leads to..


Then before you know it your clothes are feeling TIGHTER or no longer fit.

You start feeling FAT and if things continue this way, maybe you even start AVOIDING social events all together because you're feeling SELF CONSCIOUS.

Has this ever happened to you?
Maybe you're feeling this way right now?

How To Get & Stay Motivated

How To Get & Stay Motivated

One second you're googling "How to Lose Fat Fast", swearing to eat super healthy and booking yourself into all sorts of workout classes..

Ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get in shape.

And the next you're tucking into the office cake, having one too many after work drinks and would rather be at home snuggled in your PJs watching Netflix rather than burning some fat in the gym.

Where did your motivation go? How did things change so fast?

8 Ways To Avoid & Reduce Bloating For a Flatter Tummy

8 Ways To Avoid & Reduce Bloating For a Flatter Tummy


Do you have an event or night out coming up and you want to feel sexy in a figure hugging dress? Or maybe you've got a summer holiday and want to feel confident in your bikini.. but you're terrified that you're bloating will strike and you'll end up looking 6 months pregnant?

If you're anything like me, I swear EVERYTHING makes me bloated. I mean everything.. from a glass of water to breathing and especially THAT time of the month.

Bloating SUCKS and it can make us look and feel fatter than what we are.