11 Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter


1. Set yourself a winter goal

Sometimes the most powerful thing to light that internal fire is to have a deadline or goal to achieve. Whether that be to lose some weight before Christmas to make up for the extra pounds most of us will put on or to enter yourself into a marathon or obstacle run, sit down with your calendar and lay out a training regime for an upcoming end date.

2. Find an accountabilibuddy

Enlist a friend or family member to join you in your winter workout goals and schedule your workouts as you would an important meeting, it works both ways.. you won't want to let each other down and you will hold each other accountable for sticking to the plan. Support and accountability can be key.

3. Announce your determination

Spread the word, shout it from the roof tops, tell anyone and everyone that you are determined to stick to your workout goals through winter.. another powerful way to keep yourself accountable. 

4. Make your room warm at wake up hour

If you're someone who works out first thing then the cold, dark mornings could be your motivation killer. Increase your thermostat temperature a couple hours before you're due to wakeup, making your room warmer and much more pleasant for getting out of your PJ's and into your workout gear.

5. Prepare your outfit the night before your morning workouts

Following on from number 4, layout what you are going to wear the night before and keep it somewhere close to your bed. Some people benefit from a quick shower to help wake them up, if this is you keep your clothes in the bathroom.

6. Buy yourself some thermals

Change of season means change of wardrobe and this includes your workout wardrobe. Buy some thermals, extra layers, a gilet/bodywarmer.. anything to make stepping out your front door more comfortable. This doesn't need to be expensive, a lot of high street stores do decent quality activewear now such as H&M.

7. Book yourself into a class or schedule your workouts

We tend to appreciate things more when we have spent our hard earned money, so book yourself into a class, put it in your calendar and you won't want to let yourself down or lose your money. If you're already a gym member you're already paying, the more classes or workouts you don't turn up to the more money your losing. Once again, schedule your workouts and treat them like an important meeting.. you wouldn't let your boss/client down.

8. See the bigger picture

Christmas is coming, tis the season to get plump! Research shows us that most of us put on weight over the Christmas season, limit the damage by sticking to your winter workout plan and there will be less work to do come new year.

9. Find your power hour

You might usually be a morning person but with the darker mornings maybe you're a better lunch hour person.. figure out which time of the day works best for you and your schedule. 

10. Do exercises or activities you enjoy

I mean you should only be doing the kind of exercise you enjoy anyway to ensure a long term, sustainable relationship with your sweat sessions. Figure out what you enjoy best and don't force yourself to do anything you dislike, so much choice.. high intensity, low intensity, dance, pilates, strength training, spinning, yoga.. HOT yoga. That 40 degree room doesn't sound too bad now does it?

11. Join a sports team

This option rolls accountability, support, fun, friends, family all into one. Yes, team sport is most definitely counted as physical activity. Companies like Go Mammoth  have leagues in sports from football, netball to dodgeball. Where do I sign?

What did you think of my winter motivation tips? Do you have any extra tips to add?

Tanya x