5 Exercises Women In Their 30's & 40's Must Be Doing

5 Exercises Women In Their 30's & 40's Must Be Doing To Get Toned, Fitter, Younger & Stronger

Plus a FREE 20 Minute Home Workout Using These Exercises

You need to read this article if:

  • You’re finding it harder to lose weight & tone up as you get older

  • You’re feeling the effects of ageing more & more (aches, pains, stiffness)

  • You want to keep your body fit, strong & injury free for longer

  • You want a FREE 20 minute home workout ;-)

An interesting but not important side note:

I call them The “Big 5” exercises because when you go on safari the ultimate, successful experience is when you find The Big 5 animals.

So to have the ultimate, successful health & fitness experience.. you my lovely must be doing The “Big 5” :-)

Why You Need To Be Doing The "Big 5" Exercises To Stay Fit, Young, Toned & Injury Free!

As humans we sit down, stand up, walk up & down stairs, pick things up & push things.

Think about this for a second..

As a baby, we build the strength & muscle for these actions simply by doing them.

But as adults, we begin to lose the ability to perform these actions properly & pain free because we STOP doing them.

As the saying goes.. "IF YOU DON'T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT".

Which is particularly true for the every day actions you need that you probably don't realise you're taking for granted right now.

Don't leave it too late, you MUST start doing the "Big 5" now (& variations of) if you want to keep your body strong, fit & injury free well into your older years.

What Are The "Big 5" Exercises?

  • Stand Up & Sit Down - Squat

  • Lift Heavy Objects - Deadlift

  • Walk Up & Down Stairs - Lunge

  • Pick Things Up - Bent Over Row

  • Push Things - Push Up

The "Major 2" Muscle Groups The "Big 5" Can't Work Without

While the "Big 5" are the main strengthening exercises for our every day activities, there are 2 muscle groups that these movements would fail without.

The Glutes (your butt) & the Core!

You must absolutely, 100% learn how to activate & use these muscle groups properly for both exercising & every day life.

For this super important reason, I have incorporated 2 exercises in this 20 minute workout to get those muscles firing.

And if you don't know how to activate them properly or if they're activating at all, please take the time to learn OR hire an expert who can help you.

It's not an overnight process, it will take time… months or years even. But it will set you up for keeping your body younger, fitter & stronger for longer.

To put all of this into action, I have created a FREE 20 minute home workout for you..

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Tanya xx