How To Find Your Motivation & Strengthen Your Booty At The Same Time

How to find your motivation AND strengthen your booty AT THE SAME TIME without ending up overwhelmed or needing more time in the day.

Plus WHY most women fail at getting & staying on track and what you need to do instead.

There comes a time in a women's life where:

  1. Her motivation goes missing
  2. Her bum needs lifting
  3. She starts getting pains in her knees, hips &/or lower back

Let's discuss #1.. 

A lack of motivation seems to be a HUGE problem for A LOT of women right now.

The thing is.. most women fail to get & stay on track for the same reason most people fail to stick to their New Years Resolutions..

They try to do everything & change everything at the same time!

  • Cut out carbs.. check
  • Start latest diet fad.. check
  • Workout every day.. check
  • Drink more water.. check
  • Stretch more.. check
  • Cut out alcohol.. check
  • Cut out sugar.. check
  • Count every single calorie.. check
  • Go to sleep earlier.. check
  • Wake up earlier.. check
  • Watch less TV
  • Start a new hobby

They are literally trying to spin 10 plates before they even learn how to spin 1..

THAT is why they might spin for a short time, but then they all come crashing down.. and then spinning plates becomes IMPOSSIBLE or TOO HARD in their mind.

The other problem is that people expect motivation to just come, wake up one day & appear like magic.

So how do you find your motivation?



Okay, let's move on to #2.

Who doesn't want a strong, perky, lifted bum? Especially as the effects of gravity & muscle loss start to take effect after 28 ish.

Enough said.

Moving onto #3..

Those pains that start to appear in the knees, hips & lower back either on their own or by an unfortunate injury.. guess the main reason why they start to creep up?

LAZY ARSE GLUTES (aka bum muscles)

That's right, your arse is LITERALLY lazy.

The glutes are some of the strongest muscles in the body & they are also the laziest therefore some of the weakest.

Lazy or weak butt muscles are usually caused by:

  • Sitting down too much due to our sedentary & convenient modern lifestyle
  • Not activating them properly before a workout
  • Not using them correctly during a workout

I train with weights A LOT, so you probably think I'm strong, fit & pain free.

Well if you thought that, you'd be wrong!

I have a hip impingement.. (which thankfully is MUCH better now due to focusing on strengthening & using my glutes properly)

But this was the result of years of squatting with NOT activating my glutes & NOT using them properly during the movement.

The good news??

You DON'T need to train with heavy weights or intimidating equipment to strengthen your booty & fix or prevent knee, hip or back pains.

I fixed my hip pains by using small, glute focused, bodyweight exercises..

The exact exercises I've put into this 31 Day Strong & Bootyful Motivation Challenge to not only help you fix or prevent pains but also help you build momentum to find your motivation.

Motivation AND a stronger booty in 31 days!

Two birds one stone.. sounds good right?

To start the Strong & Bootyful Motivation Challenge simply enter your name & email in the form below.

You'll be sent straight to the challenge calendar which includes full instructions & exercise videos.. remember to save the PDF document before closing the window ;-)

Remember.. you MUST build MOMENTUM to find your MOTIVATION.

Which means, taking action every day is key. This can be difficult to do without ACCOUNTABILITY.

So get a friend involved, post your intentions on social media, make your goals public.. do whatever you have to do.

Just don't be the person who says they want to be motivated or to have a nice, strong bum but then do NOTHING!


If you post on Instagram or Facebook, please TAG me @TanyaNFitness & use the hashtag #BootyGame Strong.. so I can hold you accountable & keep an eye on your progress.


Coach T :-)

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  • Challenge Calendar so you can cross off the days
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  • Links to videos for each exercise to make sure you're doing them properly 
31 day motivation challenge



Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

You're desperate to lose weight and nothing is working..

So you start spending longer in the gym and more hours doing cardio.

After a gruelling 2 hour workout hopping from machine to machine (because you don't really know what else to do)..

You get out of bed the next morning excited and feeling confident that you had LITERALLY worked your butt off the day before.

You jump on the scales and there's absolutely NO CHANGE. Nada!!

Full Body Workout | with Tanya & Katie

Resistance training is the best way to lose weight, transform your body and boost metabolism.


Warm up - Perform each exercise for 20-30 reps just once

Workout - Aim for 12-15 reps of each for a total of 3 sets

Core - For ab exercises aim for 15-20 reps

You can do this workout in the park, gym or at home with minimal equipment. 

Katie and I used mini bands for glute activation, a TRX and a resistance band but I'm going to show you some exercise and equipment substitutions so you can adjust the workout to suit you.

Exercise or equipment substitutions:

Banded glute activation - Side lying clams, donkey kicks, kick backs

TRX curtsy lunges - DB or bodyweight curtsy lunges

Banded squat jumps - Squat jumps

TRX press ups - DB Chest press or press up

Banded bent over row - DB or BB row, bodyweight superman

If you have any questions please comment below or send me an email :-)

Why not challenge a friend to do this workout with you, either together or separate. It's much more fun when you get someone else involved :-)

If you would like a personalised training and diet programme created to help you achieve the body and healthy lifestyle you want then apply for a FREE Transformation Call to see how I can help.


Tanya x

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