7 ways to distract yourself from snacking

I'm sure you're aware that most cravings kick in when you are bored and looking to pass time.

You're not even hungry, you just want to busy yourself by eating something your brain knows will give your feel good hormones a boost.

But that feel good boost is short and sweet, often followed up by feelings of guilt and disappointment for your lack of discipline and willpower.. am I right?

Here are 7 different ways to keep your mind busy and thoughts away from food:

1. Go for a walk
Walking is so underrated. It's a low impact activity that increases your calorie expenditure and decreases stress.. which we all know, causes cravings. 

2. Schedule a meeting
Being busy at work is a great distraction, schedule in meetings or important tasks to be completed during cravings hitting time.

3. Hit the gym
A lunchtime or evening sweat session can help to control and afternoon or evening snack urge.

4. Get a hobby
Something that busies your mind and hands is great.. like knitting or painting. 

5. Read a book or magazine
Pretty self explanatory :-)

6. Listen to a podcast
Perfect way to improve yourself, their are some amazing self development podcasts to listen to OR I can highly recommend "My Dad Wrote A Porno" for a giggle. 

7. Play a game on your phone
Bejewelled, sudoku, scrabble.. give your brain a workout to keep your mind off food.

What do you think of my distraction tactics? Have you got any tactics I haven't listed here?

Please let me know by commenting below :-)

Tanya x