How To Get & Stay Motivated

One second you're googling "How to Lose Fat Fast", swearing to eat super healthy and booking yourself into all sorts of workout classes..

Ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get in shape.

And the next you're tucking into the office cake, having one too many after work drinks and would rather be at home snuggled in your PJs watching Netflix rather than burning some fat in the gym.

Where did your motivation go? How did things change so fast?

You see, motivation is like a train.

It either speeds right past you NEVER stopping to carry you to the next station on your journey OR it hangs around long enough for you to jump on and then takes you to stop after stop until you reach your final destination (your goal).

One thing it doesn't do is stand still. Motivation is not consistent like that.

Understanding this will manage your expectations and can be a key player in your weight loss success as it will be far easier to control periods when you are demotivated.

And if you don't learn how to slow your speeding train down, it's going to take a while to reach your final destination.

Here are 6 ways to keep your motivation around for longer:

  • Have SMART goals
  • Have strong support network (PT, coach, friends, family, colleagues, partner)
  • Make sure you enjoy your workouts or training plan
  • The food you are eat should be tasty and satisfying
  • Your weight loss plan MUST suit your lifestyle & schedule
  • You MUST have realistic expectations

In my experience, my clients (and I) lose motivation about every 4 weeks and it's what you do at this point in your weight loss journey that will dictate how well you can stay on track or how fast you can get back on track.

What happens when you lose motivation and how do you get it back??

First of all, the LAST thing you should do is give up. Far from it! This is where you'll use WILLPOWER and DISCIPLINE to ride the train to the next stop and keep moving forward towards your end goal.

Here's what I suggest you do to fire up your willpower & discipline while in between motivation stations:

  1. Revisit your WHY. The real reason you started this journey
  2. Establish daily/weekly boundaries and guidelines
  3. Have realistic expectations. Know & understand your motivation will come and go

Setting daily & weekly boundaries & guidelines is far from restricting, it will actually give you more freedom.. a routine to stick to even when motivation is low.

Begin by implementing one new routine at a time and build on your new habits each week or month.

I've created a FREE worksheet to help you dig deep into your WHY with a list of 8 boundaries & guidelines I believe should form the basis of any healthy lifestyle. 


Please share this post and free guide with someone who struggles to stay motivated, they'll love you for it ;-)

Tanya x