How Helen Dropped A Dress Size & 4 Inches From Her Waist

Helen didn't think my transformation programme was any different to the others

She's a self confessed fad & yo-yo dieter & now after The Ultimate Me programme..

  • She's down a dress sizes
  • She's lost 4 inches from her waist
  • Is digging out clothes from her wardrobe she hasn't been able to wear before
  • She's regaining her confidence
  • Her husband says she's melting away


Don't take my word for it.. here's what Helen had to say..

>> How did you feel before you started this body transformation?

I felt sick of doing fad diets and losing weight then gaining it all back plus more, going from one restrictive diet to the next.

The thought of clothes shopping filled me with dread and I just felt like this was my one chance to change once and for all.

>> How do you feel now and what results have you achieved? (Body, fitness, diet, lifestyle, confidence, energy etc)

I have learnt so much from Tanya's programme. There is no magic pills or strange foods it's a simple numbers game.

I still have a way to go but I now have all the information I need to continue my weight loss journey.

Tanya has tought me not to be so hard on myself as life happens but with little tips and techniques you can still make good choices.

I am fitter and have started lifting heavier which is a real achievement and you don't have to spend hours in the gym to improve your fitness.

>> What parts of the programme did you enjoy most or gain the most benefit from?

I particularly enjoyed the mindset training that Tanya did on a regular basis. It really gets you thinking about why you want to lose weight and how you can set achievable goals for yourself.

>> Please add your personal testimonial here

Tanya has given me so much knowledge so that I am able to continue on my weight loss journey with confidence.

The support you receive from Tanya on a personal level is invaluable and she really is passionate about helping women achieve their goals.

The sisterhood she has created is fabulous and all the ladies on the vip facebook group are so supportive of each other.

Although I have reached the end of the programme this is really just the beginning and I am excited to see what I can achieve before the year it out. Thank you Tanya.


Would you like to achieve amazing results like Helen??

Tanya x