4 Ways to be as committed as the Pope

Have you ever started the newest weight loss fad, got all excited for the first few weeks, saw some fast results, plateaued, lost motivation and then gave up?

Why didn't you commit?
Why didn't you keep showing up?
Why didn't you get back on track?

What were you missing? Let me guess..


Without these key ingredients, you're about as likely to stick to a plan as much as water sticks to a duck's back. 

You'll hang around a little bit but eventually you'll fall off.

There are plenty of exercise and diet plans out there that would get you amazing results.. you just have to COMMIT to it long enough.

Apart from a personalised training programme and personalised diet advice, what made these crazy busy people COMMIT to their plan like the Pope commits to the bible?

Sarah lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks and 11cm from her waist while enjoying many family & social events AND managing a crazy schedule while looking after her gorgeous baby girl.

Sana lost 2.8 pounds in her first 2 weeks. She is crazy busy,  made no drastic changes to her diet and went from 0 workouts a week to 1-2 workouts a week.

Andy has lost 9.3 pounds in 9 weeks AND his body shape has completely changed, he is seeing muscle tone he hasn't seen since his 20's. All while setting up his business empire, flying in and out of the country.


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Here are 4 ways you can get a Pope-like level of commitment:

1. Get a friend or family member involved. 
No one want to disappoint someone else.

2. Pay for and book an exercise class in advance.
No one wants their money to go to waste.

3. Create or join a bet or challenge.
No one likes to lose & who doesn't like to win?

4. Hire an expert who specialises in support & accountability.
Someone who will personally support & motivate you every step of the way.

If number 4 speaks to you then get in touch. Let's explore where you've gone wrong in the past and how you can go right in the future.

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