6 Ways to Get Your Portion Sizes Under Control

Tell me, when dinner is served, can you put away as much as you're male lover or friend?

My last blog post, where I gave you my tips for 'how to avoid weight gain in a relationship' (you can read the blog post here), got quite a lot of feedback.

A very common problem came up.. portion sizes!

Let me put something straight, if you eat as much as your male mate and you're not an athlete who trains twice a day.. you WILL get fat!

Unfortunately, due to various reasons us women were born with.. 

We can't eat as much as the male species if we want to maintain or achieve the body we want.

I have the appetite of an Incredible Hulk like male body builder.
Ask my husband.. he thinks it's a phenomenon. 

So I've had to become experienced in learning some tips and tricks to control my portion sizes but more importantly.. calories.

Such as:

- Bulking out meals with less calorie dense options

Loads of vegetables, sweet potato or butternut squash instead of pasta/rice/quinoa, egg whites instead of whole eggs and zero calorie stir fry noodles or rice.

- Finding substitutions of the same or similar food with less calories
Bacon medallions instead of bacon, Heck sausages instead of normal sausages, butternut squash instead of sweet potato, courgetti instead of spaghetti, cauliflower rice instead of rice, berries instead of other fruits.

NOTE: There's absolutely nothing wrong with the foods I substitute, it is simply a way of making calorie control easier.

- Not drinking calories
No juices, diet drinks instead of full sugar options, americano instead of latte, limiting fruity cocktails, sugary mixers and beer when drinking booze.

- Putting less on my plate
This comes from knowing your portion sizes after putting in some time meal prepping at home. Incredibly valuable knowledge to learn for sustainable long term weight management.

- Choosing the less calorie dense meals in restaurants
And having a bite of the calorie bomb meal he has ordered.

- Knowing my goals are more important than overeating
Exercising willpower and discipline because every calorie consumed over your daily or weekly calorie target takes you further and further away from your goal.

If you too have a hungry 'Inner Hulk', I hope my portion control tips will help.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you want a personalised plan to help get your portion sizes under control, which will also has accountability to make sure you implement these tips and tricks..

Get in touch!

Reach out, I'm here to help :-)

Coach 'Incredible Hulk' T x

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