2 Steps To Do NOW To Not Get Fat This Easter!

Do these 2 steps NOW to help limit Easter fat gain

The average Easter egg contains 500-600 calories, up to 800 if you eat the chocolate bar that goes with it.. and let's be honest who really stops at one?? 

I applaude you if you do but if you're like most of us then you can expect Easter Sunday to be a calorie filled day, it's far too easy to put away 2-3 times more calories then your daily recommended intake. 

Hello fat gain!!

Here are two steps you can take right now to start preparing for the feast:

1. Start eating in a moderate calorie deficit until Sunday (subtract 20 - 25% calories from your total daily energy expenditure/TDEE).

The easiest way to find your TDEE is by muliplying your bodyweight in lbs x 15 for females and x 16 for males.

2. Schedule in 2 - 4 high intensity workouts before Sunday, however many you can manage to fit in. One is better than none.

If you choose to workout with me then great!! Here is how many calories you can expect to burn in:

INSANITY Live = 600 - 800 calories

PiYo Live = 400 - 600 calories

If you do the double class on Saturday (INSANITY followed by PiYo) then you can burn up to 1400 calories.

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So.. a 20-25% calorie deficit (approxiamately 500 calories per day) plus a minimum of 2 workouts before Sunday can burn you around 3500 calories.

That's 3500 calories in damage control you can have for Easter Sunday which equals NO (or minimal) FAT GAIN!

I hope these tips have been helpful?

Please share and forward them to your friends and family who also like to enjoy themselves on Easter Sunday.

If you would like more damage control tips you can implement on the big day itself please let me know and I will create another email for you :-)

Tanya x

P.S. This Saturday's classes are definitely on!! We will be in the park across the road from the college as the college is closed. I will send out further info regarding this to everyone who is booked in for INSANITY &/or PiYo.