Is snacking your biggest challenge?

It's very common that one of the biggest set backs people experience when trying to lose weight is mindless snacking, especially for those who work in an office or at home.

You start the day with good intentions, eat a "healthy" breakfast and then the mid morning or afternoon snack attack hits and everything goes downhill. Sound familiar?

Colleagues bring out the cake and biscuits or maybe you keep wondering over to the kitchen looking for something to nibble on, hoping that each time you open a door something new and tasty will appear. 

Are you actually hungry? Are you just bored? Or has snacking become part of your daily habits? Maybe you can't even tell the difference anymore.

All you know is that if you don't get this mindless snacking under control, your waistline will continue to expand.

Here are some top tips I discussed with my VIP clients to help them overcome the snack attack:

1. Plan your meals in advance
Use a meal planning template or better yet a calorie tracking app (My Fitness Pal is my favourite) to input all the meals you intend to eat for the following day or week. You can even include a snack within your daily calorie limit if you wish, then commit to eating only what you've planned.

2. Keep yourself busy
Think about the days you don't end up snacking, you'll find that these are the days you're constantly kept busy. Try scheduling every little task or meeting you need to achieve that day in your calendar, even your planned meal and snack times. If there's a gap, go for a walk or a short workout. 

3. Drink a tonne of water
You should be aiming to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day anyway, but consistently drinking water throughout the day and staying hydrated will help to keep you feeling full. We can often mistake dehydration for hunger. 

4. Have a hot drink
Feel the snack attack coming on? Make yourself a hot drink. Having a cup of tea or coffee can work wonders for beating the snack attack and can help you forget about your cravings. 

5. Try intermittent fasting
This dietary protocol is not for everyone but it has become my best friend for managing my daily calories and it might help you too. Be flexible with it and don't feel like you are restricted to eating within certain hours, simply try pushing breakfast or your first meal back 2-3 hours and the mornings you are starving, eat something. I like to call this approach, flexible fasting. 

6. Accountability strengthens your willpower muscles
My clients have to check in with me weekly, I even have my own online coach who holds me accountable. Having accountability makes you think twice about what you're going to eat because you don't want to let that person down or feel embarrassed. Accountability is a powerful tool for strengthening those willpower and discipline muscles. 

Do you feel these tips will be helpful for you?

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Coach T x