Are You A Lioness? The Power of the Pride

Are you an independent woman lioness or leopard style??

I've made the mistake of being too much leopard and not enough lioness, but here's the deal..

If you spend too much time being a leopard you could be missing out on the opportunity transform and get faster results.

Let me explain..

A leopard and lioness are both STRONG, CONFIDENT, FEARLESS and INDEPENDENT females.

However there is one HUGE difference that makes a lioness far more superior at times and that is the pride of other strong, confident, fearless females who've got their back.

The support and accountability they get from their pride allows them to excel in their life so they live with far more ease and comfort.

A leopard doesn't have it so easy sometimes. They might still reach their goal but it will be a much longer, harder journey then their cousin the lioness.

Think about your own life..

There are times when being a leopard has its advantages but there are other occasions when we CAN and SHOULD depend on others to help us get faster results.

Just like the amazing women in my programme that support, motivate, inspire and hold each other accountable.

So I ask you.. right now, are you a leopard or lioness?

Do you have a pride of women who motivate and support you on your journey?

Don't think you have to go solo, I've got a pride of women waiting to welcome you in ;-)

To the Power of the Pride,

Coach "Lioness AND Leopard" T xx

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