Protein Powder.. Is It Necessary??

Let's talk protein powder.

Is it necessary? Isn't it just for body builders and men? Will it make me bulky or put on weight? Isn't it just for pre and post workout?

All great questions so let's look at the answers.

Is protein powder necessary?

No, but it can be extremely convenient and super tasty.

It’s always best to get your protein from whole food sources but there are some good supplements out there which can work well when it comes to convenience and hitting your daily protein intake, especially protein powder.

I'm a huge fan of protein powder and use it pretty much every day to either add protein and flavour to oats or to make a nutrient packed green protein smoothie which tastes like a naughty thick shake. Yum!

Isn't it just for body builders and men?

Absolutely not!

You see, once protein is digested in the body whether it comes from chicken, eggs or protein powder it all turns into the same thing.. amino acids. You get the same amount of protein in 100g of raw chicken as you do 1 scoop of powder.

Will it make me bulky or put on weight?

Not if you don't consume over your daily calorie limit. 

As we've already discussed previously, it's not what or when you eat that makes you fat, it's HOW MUCH you eat. 

Isn't it just for pre and post workout?

Nope. Protein powder got it's reputation as a pre and post workout fuel simply for it's convenience. 

Meal timing, e.g. having protein before or after a workout, is only necessary for athletes, professional body builders or extremely active people (2 workouts a day) and being able to shake up some protein powder with water is not only fast, easy, convenient and easy to carry in their gym bag but no one wants to eat a full meal right before or after an intense training session.

So there you go..

Whether you decide to use protein powder or not is totally your personal preference but I wanted you to have all the facts first before you make up your mind.

You'll notice your meal plan often uses protein powder in breakfast recipes, this is so you are getting protein in every meal which is important for balancing blood sugar levels and keeping you full. If you are still not convinced then simply leave it out :-)

If you are a lover like me or ready to give it a chance here's a couple of tips for you:

  • When mixing powder into breakfast oats or other, do the cooking first (microwave or stove) and mix in at the very end to avoid lumpy bits. You may need to use another dash of milk to wet the mixture again.
  • Don't have protein powder to hand, ran out or don't want to use it? You can still get protein in your oats by mixing in egg whites, the key here is to keep stirring so the egg whites blend in. This method is also good for adding volume to the meal, fluffing up the bowl = feel fuller.

Where to buy?

I've researched and used many brands and products but my current favourite which is an industry leader, delivering high quality products for amazing prices is My Protein.

The site can be a bit overwhelming for first time users so here are my recommendations:

The Basic One: Impact Whey Protein

The Higher Protein Content One: Impact Whey Isolate

The Lactose Free One: Iso:Pro 97

The Paleo/Vegetarian/Vegan One: Vegan Blend

I recommend going for the Impact Whey Isolate which is higher then the Impact Whey and lower then the Iso:Pro 97.. it just means you get more protein bang for your buck but the Basic One will also do the job.

If you’re lactose intolerant then go for Iso:Pro 97 or Vegan Blend.

Discount Codes

I spend so much money on My Protein products they have given me some discount codes for all of us to use. Hoorah! Just enter the code at check out to claim.

New customers get 25% off using code: NEW25

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