How to avoid weight gain if you're in a relationship

Today, I'm being whisked away for an overnight luxury spa getaway.. it's Valentines Day!

There will be massages, champagne, relaxation AND.. ANOTHER 10 course tasting menu!!

That's 3 tasting menus in 4 weeks! Not to mention all the other date night dinners and brunches. 

Don't get me wrong.. I'm excited! I LOVE FOOD! 

But sometimes being in a relationship with or living with a fellow foodie can be challenging when you want to lose some weight or maintain your figure.

Do you have this problem too, or is it just me??

And yes.. willpower, discipline and knowing when to stop if you're full are all super important, sometimes we need to have other cards up our sleeve to win the weight loss game.

Here's what I do in preparation for date night (especially if there's a tasting menu involved):

  • Train intensely with weights the day before, day of and day after. (If not possible, the day of is most important).
  • Make sure to hit calorie deficit target the day before & after.
  • Intermittent fast the day of, push first meal of the day back as late as I can (usually 12-2pm).
  • Drink black coffee and a lot of water while fasting.
  • Meals the day of will consist of protein and veg, keeping fats and carbs low. For example, protein smoothie, egg white and vegetable omelette, greek yogurt and berries, protein bar, chicken/tuna salad or lean mince and vegetables. 
  • For the meal out, I will push aside or give to hubby what I believe is in excess of my portion size. 
  • When ordering, I'm not afraid of asking the waiter if I can swap items in a meal. My goals are more important than worrying about what the chef thinks.
  • I will usually choose a "healthy" option and have a bite (or two) of hubby's "unhealthy" option.
  • If we have dessert, we will share one and I start eating AFTER he has finished half.
  • Alcohol wise, if I feel like a cocktail I will have ONE and then move onto prosecco or wine. 
  • And finally, I keep drinking water.

If you're fed up of using your relationship as an excuse for not being able to get in shape and you would like to lose weight without giving up date nights..

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Coach "FOOD LOVER" T xx

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