How Shalani Lost 15lbs & Got Her Confidence Back In 14 Weeks

How Shalani Lost 15lbs In 14 weeks Without Intense Workouts, Cutting Out Carbs Or Going Hungry

I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for you because I’m a person who’ll do for 1-2 days & after that I wouldn’t do it. But now I’m motivated
— Shalani

Summary Of Video Testimonial

  • Shalani wanted to lose weight & feel good again, she knows that when you look good you feel good and vice versa.
  • She felt unhealthy because she wasn't eating properly.
  • It was important to her to feel confident in her own skin & having confidence to speak with clients.
  • Tried cutting carbs, herbalife and the keto diet but nothing was working.
  • Didn’t work because they had too many restrictions. Restrictions worked for 1-2 days but then she would get fed up. 
  • Herbalife made her hungry then she would overeat & the binge/restrict cycle would start again.
  • Found my transformation programme and methods “doable”, she could stick to it without starving herself.
  • This programme worked because it was a step by step journey rather than overhauling everything at once. Focused on one habit at a time.
  • Calorie intake helped her to not eat rubbish & eat the right amount
  • She improved her water intake
  • Flexible fasting worked really well even after she thought she could never fast
  • She didn’t actually do much exercise due to having such a busy schedule & working long days.
  • Instead she changed lifestyle habits to suit her busy schedule. For example, stopped taking cabs & started walking more. 
  • Doesn't eat rubbish anymore.
  • The coaching & accountability was key for taking action because she's the kind of person who sticks to a plan for a few days then gives up.
  • Seeing results each week pushed her to do more.
  • Mentally she’s prioritising her health now so she doesn’t go back to where she was.
  • Now she feels confident again, holds head high at work & feels confident with clients.
  • She's wearing clothes that show off her body.
  • Family & friends are noticing her efforts & complimenting her.
Now I feel more confident, I really put my head up and walk at work. I feel confident when I talk to my clients
— Shalani
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Shalani's Testimonial

How did you feel before you started this transformation programme? 

I felt less confident about myself. I was not eating healthy and doing exercise. I felt tired at all times and sluggish.

How do you feel now, what results have you achieved & what's different about your body, fitness, diet, lifestyle, confidence, energy, relationships, social life etc? 

My diet has been better. I have changed my eating habits by consuming more protein based food by reducing carbs and water intake has been good. Although I don’t get to exercise on a daily basis, I have now changed my walking routes to work so I get that extra steps on my Fitbit and it also makes me feel good. Clothes has definitely shrunk in size but I am still waiting to loose more weight to get a brand new wardrobe revamped.

What parts of the programme do you enjoy most or gain the most benefit from?

I loved the flexible fasting and water intake the most. The exercise was nicely and adequately design with lot’s of help along the way. Also on how Tanya have thought us step by step to make little changes every week and be flexible with what we eat but in moderation.

What do you feel could be improved or added to make the experience and journey even better? 

I wouldn’t want to change anything that the program has already got to offer. For a busy person like me, I liked everything about it.

Personal Testimonial

I have tried many diet programs but nothing worked out for me.

However, Tanya’s Ultimate Me programme attracted me because she was so motivating and wanted her clients to feel good about themselves by not only motivating them to lose weight, but to make them appreciate themselves more.

I have lost weight along the way, starting at 160lbs to now 145lbs, which I would never thought I would have done it if not for Tanya.

I wanted to do this for myself and I wanted to feel good about myself.

It’s a continuous journey for me for sure and I very much will continue whatever I learnt in the programme for a lifetime.

I’ve started wearing clothes that aren’t loose, which actually show off my body. The proper shape & everything
— Shalani


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