How To Survive Social Events With Food & Booze

I'm writing this at 10.30am on a Saturday morning, on my way to a bottomless brunch for a friends birthday.

At this point, the idea of unlimited prosecco at 11am doesn't sound like my idea of fun.. Though one glass of bubbles down it might be a different story ;-)

The thing is, I love exploring different restaurants, socialising around town and having a few drinks with friends and family.

bottomless brunch weight loss

But if you're not careful, the excess calories can build up quickly and you know what that leads to..


Then before you know it your clothes are feeling TIGHTER or no longer fit.

You start feeling FAT and if things continue this way, maybe you even start AVOIDING social events all together because you're feeling SELF CONSCIOUS.

Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe you're feeling this way right now?

bridget jones weight loss

This is why learning the science of weight loss, a handful of fat fighting tactics & a "damage control" action plan is SO important to help you maintain a body you're happy with.

(Get the "Damage Control" action plan I personally use here)

I'm going to share what I believe are the ESSENTIAL WEIGHT LOSS FUNDAMENTALS for surviving social events with food & booze.

Plus some of my tactics that work extremely well for me and my clients.


Fundamental 1: Know your deficit & maintenance calories (MOST IMPORTANT).

Fundamental 2: Using your calorie target, learn what portion sizes look like for YOU.

Fundamental 3: Manage the calories of meals that ARE within your control.

Fundamental 4: Understand the effect alcohol has on the body, what you should eat while drinking and what you should avoid.

Fundamental 5: Understand what workout is best for burning fat and depleting the bodies energy stores so the extra calories won't all be stored as fat.


TT1: Flexible Fasting

TT2: Metabolic resistance training workout the day of

TT3: Keep dietary fats low when drinking alcohol

TT4: Drink loads of water

TT5: Drink your booze slower than everyone else.. (admittedly I'm not very good at this one)

Sometimes it makes more sense to see these how these fundamentals and tactics work in a real life situation.. so I've created a DAMAGE CONTROL ACTION PLAN for you to download.

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This action plan is the very one I follow when I've got a social event that is going to include food & booze. It's what allows me to avoid putting on weight and limit any damage.

Once you've downloaded your free Damage Control Action Plan CLICK HERE to join my free online community of busy women who are also learning how to eat & drink while losing weight.

Cheers to achieving your dream body..

Tanya x

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