How To Get & Stay Motivated

How To Get & Stay Motivated

One second you're googling "How to Lose Fat Fast", swearing to eat super healthy and booking yourself into all sorts of workout classes..

Ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get in shape.

And the next you're tucking into the office cake, having one too many after work drinks and would rather be at home snuggled in your PJs watching Netflix rather than burning some fat in the gym.

Where did your motivation go? How did things change so fast?

11 Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter

11 Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter

1. Set yourself a winter goal

Sometimes the most powerful thing to light that internal fire is to have a deadline or goal to achieve. Whether that be to lose some weight before Christmas to make up for the extra pounds most of us will put on or to enter yourself into a marathon or obstacle run, sit down with your calendar and lay out a training regime for an upcoming end date.

2. Find an accountabilibuddy

Enlist a friend or family member to join you in your winter workout goals and schedule your workouts as you would an important meeting, it works both ways.. you won't want to let each other down and you will hold each other accountable for sticking to the plan. Support and accountability can be key.

3. Announce your determination