From 800 calories a day to 1400 a day | Client testimonial

Eating 800 calories a day, hitting the gym twice a day and not seeing results.. meet Prarthna who is one of my VIP online clients and has achieved some incredible transformational results not only in body but in her mindset.

She's now eating over 1450 calories a day, has cut her workout schedule in half, has gained back control of her time and is the leanest she's ever been.

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Just wanted to give a quick testimonial to coach T. She has made such a difference to the way I train and the way eat over the past 12 weeks.

I'm actually only 11 weeks into my transformation and already looking to get to maintenance because I've not even hit but I've passed my goal weight.

Working with coach T has been fabulous. She's given me the tools and the knowledge to help me really progress. Well, i'm still not training less and eating more before I was going to the gym twice a day doing lots and lots of endless cardio and eating really really low calorie.

Since joining I don't go to the gym twice a day and I've up my calories and actually for the first time made some serious progress. She's fantastic coach. The coaching calls are amazing
and honestly just has made such an impact to not only my body, but to my mindset which was something that was really important to me.

I had this unrealistic expectation of what I needed to do and she helped me debunk that and
actually make some progress.

Also going on holiday to Italy of all places where it's the land of pizza and gelato, I came back lighter than I went. It's just down to how she teaches you to eat mindfully. I still have my gelato, I still have pizza, but I trained when I could. I didn't feel bad when I couldn't and eat mindfully.

She really does equip you with that and having the extra bit of accountability knowing that she's there, she can help you, and slip up, that's ok, but you have someone to help you get you back on track is great.

So I couldn't recommend coach T, she has made such a positive impact on my mindset and on my body and my transformation. Sometimes transformations aren't just on the scale on the number on the scale, but actually how you feel and it's being a total transformation in the entire way.

So, I couldn't recommend more if you're thinking about joining, definitely sign up!

~ Prarthna

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