The Busy Woman's Guide to Eating for Weight Loss

I totally get it.. you're INCREDIBLY busy. 

Rush to get to work,
Rush to hit your deadlines,
Rush to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner, 
Rush to get to the gym (if you even have time),
Rush to get home so you can wind down and try get 8 hours of sleep before doing it all again.

There's just NOT enough hours in the day right?

And one of the first things to hit the bottom of your to do list is meal planning and prepping, which is STOPPING you from eating healthy and shedding some weight. 

Losing that tyre around your stomach feels IMPOSSIBLE.

Well if you think you have to cook every meal at home and spend hours prepping in the kitchen to shed that excess weight.. think again!

IT IS possible to eat healthy and get in shape WITHOUT preparing every meal at home or spending hours meal prepping and I'm going to show you how in a FREE 4 Day video series next week.

Here's what I'm going to teach you over 4 days in short 15 minute LIVE videos over on my Facebook page ( at 8pm:

> How you don't need to home cook every meal to get into shape
> How to quickly plan your week's meals to save time later
> How to batch cook for the week in 30 minutes or less
> How to choose healthy frozen & ready-made meals
> How to choose the healthiest meals from popular fast food stores
> The best Grab'n'Go snacks

I've created a FREE workbook to save you more time and to deliver more valuable information, such as:

> 3 quick steps to calculate your calorie deficit
> Weekly meal planner
> Grocery shopping guide
> List of foods to always have frozen
> List of approved ready-made meals
> List of meals to choose from popular fast food stores (Pret, EAT, Starbucks, even McDonalds & more)
> List of Grab'n'Go snacks

To get this info and easily follow along with the things I'm going to teach you Monday - Thursday 8pm next week click the link below:

Do you know what would be really awesome?

If you could forward this blog post to 5 OTHER SUPER BUSY WOMEN who always eat on the go, have very little time and would love to lose weight.

I've absolutely loved creating this free training for you and the more people I can share it with the better. I would be incredibly grateful :-)

Tanya x