4 Top Tips Towards Becoming the Best Version of You!

Are you making the most of your commute time??

According to the Department for Transport we spend an average of 361 hours a year travelling. Are you wasting 361 hours of your life a year or are you doing something useful with that time??

You could be working on improving yourself in some department of your life.. Personal, business or spiritual!

Here are my top 4 tips for making the most of your travel time:

  1. Podcasts are FREE and when you find a good one they are incredibly valuable. Listen to them during your commute, when getting ready for your day or night out or during a nice long walk.
  2. Audiobooks. Not free but also not expensive and there are some amazing experts/gurus/mentors out there you can learn a lot from.
  3. Books, good old hard copy. Perfect for commutes that don't require hands (train/plane etc) or for winding down at night to avoid the blue light on your phone or other device.
  4. Join a course. I'm currently completing The Fitpreneurs All Fired Up, an online course for personal, business and spiritual development. I'll even save the audio filed to my phone, print off the worksheets and complete on my journeys.

I hope you found this post helpful??

Please share this post if you think someone else can benefit from making the most of their commute. Start making better use of your time today! 

Tanya ;-)