Do you have chronic hip, knee or lower back pain?

Not doing the exercises & stretches your physiotherapist prescribed?

Book your FREE “Pain Free” consultation today to learn how a Personal Trainer who specialises in hip, knee & lower back pain can fix the cause of the problem so you can finally live pain free without needing painkillers or surgery.

5 Biggest Causes of Hip, Knee & Lower Back Pain:

  1.     Poor form, technique & movement patterns in exercise & daily activities

  2. Weak and/or lazy glutes (butt muscles)

  3. Overweight

  4. Tight muscles & poor mobility/flexibility

  5. Ageing & the effects of gravity

Here are 7 ways an experienced Personal Trainer (like Tanya) can help you fix your hip, knee & lower back pain:

  1. Improve your form, technique & movement patterns in exercise

  2. Activate your glutes (butt muscles) properly

  3. Strengthen your glutes

  4. Learn which movements & exercises do & don’t cause pain

  5. Reduce weight therefore pressure on the joints

  6. Include your physiotherapy exercises & stretches in program

  7. Keep you mobile & flexible

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