Toni's 12 Week Transformation

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Toni lost a HUGE 17cm from her waist & broke free from 13 years of yo yo dieting

 "I feel a lot more free and confident I can make the right choices now I owe so much to you I can't express how thankful I am" - Toni

Shalani's 12 Week Transformation

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Shalani lost 15lbs & 12.6cm from her waist & has regained her confidence & energy.

"I have tried many diet programs but nothing worked for me. 

I have lost weight along the way starting at 160lbs to now 145lbs, which I would never thought I would have done it if not for Tanya. I wanted to do this for myself and I wanted to feel good about myself." - Shalani


Helen's 12 Week Transformation

Helen didn't think my transformation programme was any different to the others

She's a self confessed fad & yo-yo dieter & now after The Ultimate Me programme..

  • She's down a dress sizes

  • She's lost 4 inches from her waist

  • Is digging out clothes from her wardrobe she hasn't been able to wear before

  • She's regaining her confidence

  • Her husband says she's melting away

Caroline's 12 Week Transformation

Caroline dropped 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks!

"I've dropped 2 dress sizes. And even though I was going to the gym the exercises that you gave me to do in the gym really made a difference

At the beginning I was unmotivated with my diet and exercise felt like I was going nowhere but I started to feel better about everything. Knowing that I could have what ever I wanted as long as it was within my calories was brilliant. The flexible fasting was even better, you feel less bloated plus not as hungry all day.

Tanya gave me the kick up the ass that I really needed."

Hannah's 12 Week Transformation

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Hannah lost 11lbs in 12 weeks & now feels powerful & in control of her weight!

How did you feel when you first started The Ultimate Me programme?

"Frustrated, confused, unhappy with my appearance."

How do you feel now & what results have you achieved?

"More powerful! I have gained a lot of knowledge and now feel that I can control my weight and make better informed choices about food. 

The mindset coaching has also really helped with motivation, the tips and tricks for handling hunger pangs, fake hunger, boredom etc have been great. 

I still have more 'growth' to go, but these 12 weeks have been an amazing start!

This really is a game changer. Honestly. You think you're eating healthy but still putting on weight? That was me, but I have learnt a massive amount, now make better more informed choices and have changed my mindset. 

I lost 11lbs in 12 weeks, I never thought that would be possible. This is only the beginning!"

Leonie's 12 Week Transformation

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Leonie lost 7kgs in 12 weeks & was shocked when she found out she didn't have to sacrifice her social life, alcohol or chocolate while transforming her body with me.

When she first came to me she was stuck in a cycle of binge & restrict, restricting herself during the week & undoing her hard work on the weekend. She has studied nutrition so knows what is healthy but struggled to put it into practise.

During her 12 week body transformation, she went on holiday 3 times but was able to maintain her weight loss due to the new lifestyle lessons she's learned. 

Marianna's 12 Week Transformation

Marianna lost 8kg (16lbs) after having her first baby without dieting, socialising & travelling A LOT. She's now back in her bikini & favourite denim shorts.

Iveta's 8 Week Transformation

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Iveta lost a HUGE 10lbs (4.5kgs) & 8cm from her waist in just 8 weeks without cutting out her favourite food.. sweets

She was skeptical to work with me at first because she had tried dieting & clean eating, she was exercising 6 times a week & was feeling really down because she was actually gaining, not losing weight.

She's not hiding underneath oversizes clothing anymore, is working out 4 times a week instead of 6, is still eating sweets & feels much more happy & confident in herself.

One of her most important lessons was that the number on the scales isn't important.. because one week she didn't lose anything on the scales but had dropped 2 sizes in jeans.

Lola's 12 Week Transformation

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amazing body transformation

Lola lost 6.2 pounds, 7.5cm loss from thighs and dropped a whole dress size. 

Lola achieved the lowest weight she's been in 6 years, all while fighting a couple of illnesses, enjoying multiple afternoon teas, social events, moving homes and having to entertain family visiting London. She had a holiday booked for the end of her 12 week transformation and she finally felt confident showing off her leaner figure in her bikini.

Jody's 6 Week Transformation

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I have developed a much more healthy attitude towards eating and exercising. I understand food and calories SO much better and I realise I don't need to starve myself to see results. I have noticed my waist is smaller and I feel ten times better. The transformation programme was exactly that - transformational. But it didn't just transform my body. It changed my mindset and my attitude towards eating, exercising and everything in between. I learnt so much during the 6 weeks, saw some amazing results, and am back on track and ready to tackle 2017 and make it my healthiest year yet! Thanks Tanya for all your help, guidance, support and motivation during the program. X

Stef's 24 Week Transformation

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"Working with Tanya has been one of the most positive things I've ever done. I've done diets before but never managed to maintain results or actually make the most important change; sorting out my mindset and really understanding how to eat and exercise in a way that is truly liveable. I now know I can have a super busy week with work and socialising, and still lose (or at least maintain) weight rather than hitting the self-destruct button! It's all about balance and I think, thanks to Tanya, I might have finally found it! Having Tanya at the end of the phone has been invaluable. It's the reassurance that somebody is keeping an eye on you at all times that has really helped me. I've had a PT before who's helped with nutritional advice, but having more of a mentor in Tanya has been what really makes a difference." - Stef

Prarthna's 12 Week Transformation

amazing body transformation

From eating 800 calories and hitting the gym twice a day.. meet Prarthna, a VIP online client, who is now eating over 1400 calories a day, has cut her workout schedule in half, gained her life back and is the leanest she's ever been.

Read her full testimonial here.

Katie's 16 Week Transformation

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"Before starting, I felt really sluggish all the time and like I was trapped in this body that I didn't feel connected to or I felt reflected who I felt like inside. My confidence has improved and I've found myself doing things again that I avoided for years like wearing a bikini and tight-fitting clothing. Fitness wise I'm much stronger and I've found enjoyment in discovering muscles I never knew I had! Exercise and taking care of myself is very much part of my life now and I can't even imagine going back to the old me." - Katie

Lucy's 12 Week Transformation

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"I feel and look great! My body is in the best shape it's been in for a while and I feel so much more healthy and confident in myself! I can really see a difference when I look at my before and after pictures and I'm going to use them as inspiration to continue on! Tanya has always been so helpful and friendly with tips and advice, I've never felt stupid when asking her anything and she has always been great at making any modifications needed during the sessions. Even if you don't feel fit or like you can keep up, Tanya makes sure everyone is working hard at their own level/pace and she always pushes for that little bit more. All done with a big smile on her face too which makes you work that little bit harder as you don't want to disappoint :P" - Lucy

Kathryn's 13 Week Transformation

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"I am really happy with how much my waist and hips have shrunk as I can now get into some of my older clothes again. I know what I need to do to stay within my boundaries and also know that it's not the end of the world if I occasionally fall off the wagon. What you have taught me should be a lifestyle change so apart from working on kicking a few more bad habits, I hope I am set. Onwards and upwards! Thanks a million xxx"

Tara's 12 Week Transformation

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how to lose fat

Lucy's 24 Week Transformation

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Rachel's Transformation

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Rachel's 4 Week Transformation

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Kayla's 4 Week Transformation

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Tanya's 16 Week Transformation (Yep, that's me)